The historical documentary,
Proof of Loyalty
, is produced by Stourwater Pictures.

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We continute to receive great press reviews. We will post them as they become available.


The Hawai'l Herald published a detailed, enthusiastic review of the film for our screenings at the Hawaii International Film Festival. Read it here.

"...you will exit the theater with a greater understanding of Hawai‘i’s history and an appreciation for the depth of service the young Nisei stepped up to perform when the odds were against them."

We received a very positive review (3.5 Stars, Highly Recommended) from Video Librarian.

"The story of Nisei (American-born children of Japanese immigrants) in Hawaii is told in this excellent documentary by filmmakers Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers. Following Hawaii's annexation in 1898, Japanese immigrants became the preferred laborers of plantation owners, setting the stage for a long, complicated relationship during the 20th century between the newcomers, their offspring, and the federal government.... Proof of Loyalty touches on assimilation, denial of citizenship to Japanese immigrants and discriminatory schooling for their children, and the maintaining of cultural ties with the old country, but ultimately it focuses on Kazuo Yamane, the son of a successful merchant in Oahu, who attended a top college in Japan and received military training.

...Combining archival materials and interviews with historians, Proof of Loyalty presents a powerful story of the cultural, political, economic, and legal forces that propelled Japanese immigrants and their descendants to become a vital segment of the American population."


Educational Media Online gave the film a Highly Recommended rating.

"The Nisei combat units and translators proved the loyalty of Japanese-Americans beyond question. Had any of them broken the faith, they all would have been indicted. But they did not. The returning veterans helped democratize Hawaii and were the pioneers for eventual statehood. This is a strong story of diversity but also a story of immigrant success in the face of discrimination. This film will work well in high school and college classrooms as well as for those interested in World War II history."