Don Sellers & Lucy Ostrander



The historical documentary,
Proof of Loyalty
, is produced by Stourwater Pictures.

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The Filmmakers

Don Sellers (Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Writer, Editor)
Don Sellers has worked as a documentary film producer, director, director of photography, editor, and writer. Documentaries range from nationally broadcast major PBS series, to feature length, to local broadcast. Producer credits range from historical documentaries to docudrama. He has shot in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America covering topics as diverse as meetings between Afrikaners and the ANC in West Africa, horse racing in upstate New York, papal masses at the Vatican, and murder investigations in Miami. He has edited many hour-long Frontlines for PBS, and many documentaries on Pacific Northwest history. He has taught film writing and production as a guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Lucy Ostrander (Producer, Director)
Lucy Ostrander, an award–winning documentary filmmaker began to receive accolades for her work with her Masters' thesis from Stanford University, WITNESS TO REVOLUTION: THE STORY OF ANNA LOUISE STRONG. In producing the film, she became the first American student to work with the China Film Co–Production Corporation. The film received a national PBS broadcast, and won a Student Academy Award, the Nissan Focus Award and a CINE Golden Eagle.  In 2005 she was a recipient of an Artist Trust Fellowship. Over the course of 30 years, her documentaries have focused primarily on Northwest and Asian American history and include EAST OF OCCIDENTAL, HOME FROM THE EASTERN SEA, FINDING THEA, THE RED PINES, ISLAND ROOTS, FUMIKO HAYASHIDA: THE WOMAN BEHIND THE SYMBOL, THE REVOLUTIONARY, HONOR & SACRIFICE, and PROOF OF LOYALTY.